Forge Modern - Applied Creative Techonolgy

Forge Modern specializes in bringing creativity to areas that are often neglected, but could benefit from it the most.  Our research has indicated that Education and Health Care should be our primary focus.  If you think your industry could benefit from creative technology fill out our questionnaire and we will reach out with suggestions on how to get started!




 We aim to enhance the world's perspective.


This means finding creative ways to improve our ability to see and address issues in our world.  We take things that are just beyond view and helping bring them within view for everyone.  If we can democratize a clear perspective then we can help foster a true environment of innovation and well being for all.


We utilize a strategic array of expertise from our experts including education, entertainment, engineering, music, marketing, advertising, gaming, sales, and e-commerce.




Why Forge Modern?

At Forge Modern our mission is to improve the quality of education and healthcare through our application of creative technology to real world problems.

Because we use creativity to address real issues, our creative direction is more focused, our attention to detail is more refined, but our creativity remains without bounds.

Forge Modern first and foremost aims to understand the problem and then uses research and experience to determine the best fit of technology and creativity for the situation. Our depth of knowledge allows us to use tools in innovative and powerful ways that increase quality while cutting cost, raising the viability and feasibility of our creative solutions.


Consulting at an affordable Cost

The core of enhancing your perspective, our consulting enables us to show you how to get the best out of what media and technology has to offer.  We will do dedicated market research and give you executable steps about how to move your production to the next dimension without excessive cost or interruption.

Efficient Prototyping

Forge Modern doesn't believe in leaving things up to the imagination.  Instead our aim is to show you what is beyond your imagination.  With our refined processes we can quickly create a prototype that will show you the visual wonders that media production with our highly skilled team affords.

Production and Development

Ready to take the step into a virtual world of endless possibilities?  We believe that accessibility of technology is necessary for progress, as such we are dedicated to using advances in technology to reduce cost and workload and increase productivity and efficacy of our media productions.

Our Experience