Branded Content

Normal commercial ads are limited by the frame they are placed in.  We aim to break that frame!  You can now have control over a full 360 degree environment to use as your platform to display your product, fashion, talent, or any other number of uses yet to be explored.


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Schofferhofer grapefruit

Forge Modern assisted in multiple phases of production for the Schofferhofer Grapefruit 360 Experience.  From creating opening graphics, to giving pre-production planning notes for the VR shoot, to stitching and rotoscoping content, Forge Modern was able to utilize technical skill, experience, and a refined process to help pioneer innovative 360 marketing content.

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If a traditional production suits your needs or viewers better, we are more than qualified to create a traditional ad with a futuristic feel!

Explore below to see how versatile we can be when fulfilling your commercial needs.


Immersive DJ Set

Check out this immersive DJ set featuring four of the top DJs in North Carolina.  One take, four DJs , one unified set.  Just one example of how we break the frame!  Scroll around to see how each DJ contributes.


Meet the DJs

Meet the talent behind this immersive DJ set featuring four of the top DJs in North Carolina.  One take, four DJs , one unified set.  See how they bring their talents to the Cool Receptions brand!

The Techne Training System is designed by professional soccer player Yael Averbuch, based on training methods that have allowed her to play at the highest level. The system is both engaging and challenging for players of all ages/abilities.

Forge Modern was involved in producing marketing videos and imagery that represented this mission in a visually appealing way, but without distracting from the importance of the content.  Delivered with a short turn around time, all at an affordable price.


Informational Graphics

Some things can be explained with words but sometimes a visual aid can go a long way in getting your point across.  Our informational graphics accomplish just that.


Marketing Graphics

Cutting edge graphics for your online marketing campaigns is pivotal if you want to grab your viewers attention.  Our Marketing graphics will make sure no message goes unnoticed.


Concept Graphics

Need to concept a digital product like an app or a mobile game?  We can create visualizations that will give you a glimpse at what your product would look like saving you time, effort, and peace of mind.

Creativity designed with technology

Looking for a more creative spin on your project?  Nothing excites us more than the chance to put our creative process to work for you!


Enhancing Your Perspective

Want to see how our commercial services can provide futuristic results at a low cost to you?  Access our simple questionnaire and you will be on your way to seeing what's beyond your imagination.