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Elemental Perios is a chemistry game designed to teach the periodic table of elements and chemistry in a fun new way.

Elemental Perios

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We have made examples of a whole suite of engaging educational games that are aimed at giving students a fun new way to learn about science and the fundamentals of chemistry.  This is only the start, to develop the full set of characters and the full game we need your help!

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Welcome to Elemental Perios

Your quest is to explore the world of Perios and interact with Hydi, Nitro, Stro and all the other Perios, you will need their help to return home.. Each Perio is unique! The more you know about the Perio clans and their regions the faster you can make it back home.

Watch out for aggressive Perios, obstacles, and other potential hazards or enemies.

You will be amazed at how much you learn while having the time of your life!

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Collect Perio Cards!

Perios was strategically developed to naturally embed educational content into an otherwise exhilarating game play.  This way your high score will match your test score!



Elemental Perios

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Elemental Perios

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Jaliyah - Age 13

I could totally see us playing this game to learn instead of not reading those heavy textbooks...

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Amara - Age 12

This was really fun.  I need more enemies to fight and more places to explore!

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Amarar's Father - Age None of Your Business

You've got yourself a real game there Mr. E!

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