Enhancing Your Perspective


The core of enhancing your perspective, our consulting enables us to show you how to get the best out of what media and technology has to offer.  We will do dedicated market research and give you executable steps about how to move your production to the next dimension without excessive cost or interruption.


Forge Modern doesn't believe in leaving things up to the imagination.  Instead our aim is to show you what is beyond your imagination.  With our refined processes we can quickly create a prototype that will show you the visual wonders that media production with our highly skilled team affords.


Ready to take the step into a virtual world of endless possibilities?  We believe that accessibility of technology is necessary for progress, as such we are dedicated to using advances in technology to reduce cost and workload and increase productivity and efficacy of our media productions.



Utilize one of the most engaging art forms to bring new levels of creativity to your lesson plans.

Game Development

Incorporate the best tools the gaming industry has to offer for your educational purposes.

3D – Creative Services

Use all the wonders 3D has to offer to build new content for your students. From microscopic to collosal we can develop visual to fit your educational needs.

Augmented Reality – AR

Instantly deploy futuristic learning activities for your students to provide new levels of engagement.

Virtual Reality – VR

Use the most exciting immersive media platform to provide access to new forms of immersive education never before possible until now.

Mixed Reality – MR

Build a truly immersive educational experience utilizing the latest in VR and AR technology.

Mobile App Development

Utilize the full power of the most accessible and most powerful educational tool ever developed. The mobile phone.

Video Production

Engage your students with Hollywood quality story telling and video production.

Immersive Audio

Incorporate a new dimension of sound into your educational projects, immersing your students like never before.

Music Production

Incorporate custom music production with industry standard equipment to build new levels of engagement for your students .

Drone photography

Get a birds eye view for your educational needs. Show educational content from an enhanced perspective.

Live Streaming

Deliver premium educational experiences and content to your students on demand, in real time.