Sports & Events

Follow the Action

At Forge Modern we understand that sports and extra curricular activities are a big part of the educational experience.  Our research has afforded us a front row seat to some of the most exciting sports and special events available from football games to crazy paintball experiences we are dedicated to  immersing your students like never before.

Check out the HK Army Paintball VR experience to see how thrilling it is to view the action in 360!

View on Mobile

Enables users to view via the YouTube mobile app for 360 and VR functionality.



Festivals are all about the experience.  Our immersive photography  research understands how to make your students feel like they are a part of the fun.


Live Concerts

We have a virtual backstage pass!  We know how to bring your audience along to virtually hang out with their favorite artists and let them be a part of every show.


Branded events

Digitally encapsulate the full experience of branded events with 360 photography and video.

Event Photography

A New View

No matter what the occasion, holidays, parties, reunions, corporate events, you can be sure that we'll capture those important moments.

Special Events

Capture the moment

Capture Special Events in the most immersive way possible.  Parties, festivals, weddings, reunions, there's no better way to showcase and relive your events.


Relive the play

Put your viewers in the action like never before! The closest thing to being there. Follow the play in intuitive ways. Gain the upper-hand in recruiting prospective athletes!

Events in 360


Packapalooza is an all day festival at NC State University to welcome back its students.  Filled with events and performances throughout the day, 360 media allowed students to experience first hand the scale of the event and why they will never want to miss Packapalooza again.

View on Mobile

Enables users to view via the YouTube mobile app for 360 and VR functionality.

Enhancing Your Perspective

Want to capture your sports and events in the most immersive and engaging way possible?  Access our simple questionnaire here to how simple it is to get started